The mission of this festival is to find an environment where diverse groups of creators find a forum to share and have a conversation with each other. For the home of the festival we have chosen a small village far off the beaten path. This year the village of Garáb in Nógrád county Hungary, a village of only 42 inhabitants has come forth to host our event. According to our experience the distance from urbanised places, and being close to nature consummates the time spent together. The festival, that’s got it’s name from a biblical parable (Tű Fokán literally translates to “The eye of the needle”) is also the title of one of the albums of our founder Csaba Hajnóczy. Our mission is to prove that even in the given political circumstances we can still make a non-profit festival in Hungary, that we can again fit through the eye of the needle. To be able to do that we are asking for your support.